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5 Myths in American Politics

Hard times can make people pretty crazy.  Instead of steeling themselves and putting their mind to solving their (in our case, myriad) problems, they can do a whole lot of frothing and screaming crazy nonsense.  Here are just five myths that remain ideological obstacles to solving our many, many current problems. read more »

The United States is Not a Democracy

We do not think of our Constitution as something that we can alter to improve its procedures, to meet our own needs, or to assert our rights.  Americans, alone in the world, declare our constitution to be sacred and unchangeable, with only a handful of amendments in 223 years.  When someone brings up democracy in the United States, somebody will pull out that tired cliché, “the [slider title = “Founders”]The Founders were the men who wrote the Constitution of the United States. They included future presidents like James Madison, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, as well as Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and less well-remembered statesmen like Gouverneur Morris.[/slider] established a republic, not a democracy.”  And they would be right – the United States has claimed the mantle of democracy without actually achieving it, but this is not the whole story.  The Founders did talk about founding a “republic,” even though they did not have any good idea what that meant, besides not being a democracy.  They wanted an [slider title = “oligarchy”]An oligarchy is a government ruled by a small class of people, usually the wealthy.[/slider]; they didn’t want YOU to govern yourself. These Founders, we have been repeatedly told, sat down in Philadelphia, in 1787, with august wisdom and omnipotent foresight, to draft the Constitution of the United States that would last forever.  But, in fact, this was not predetermined, and the eleven years that passed between the Revolution and writing of the Constitution was one in which our democratic forefathers and the aristocrats we call the Founders struggled for supremacy. read more »

Health Care Reform and Two Freedoms

The health care reform bill has recently been the subject of a ridiculous show called a “health care summit.” The proposed reform is mostly garbage. It does next to nothing to stem the rising costs of health care imposed by the private health insurance system. Even worse, it imposes penalties for not having health insurance; this is the Massachusetts model that is currently failing after only a few years of operation. The reason we supposedly have this wretched bill is because Americans won’t accept “government health care,” despite numerous polls consistently showing large majorities over decades showing that we would, and that we would pay higher taxes for it. read more »